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At Mobile Future you are is the right place for purchase, maintenance and repair of your electric kick scooter.

Once you’ve ridden an electric kick scooter, you are quickly convinced of the benefits of this convenient means of electric transport.

My partners and I fell in love with electric kick scooters and decided to start a company specialized in electric scooters. Mobile Future also develops its own line of electric scooters and also sells electric scooters from quality brands such as Xiaomi, Speedway, Kaboo and Dualtron.

Meet the world of electric kick scooters and visit us for a test drive or more information.

elektrische step mobile future
elektrische step mobile future
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Given the large selection of electric kick scooters, it is not always easy to choose a model that meets your needs. A test ride will help you make the right choice.

Flat tire ? A defective part ? Need an extension ? Contact us and together we will look at the possibilities according to your budget.

Just like a bicycle, an electric kick scooter needs an annual maintenance. Mobile Future checks all parts for proper operation and wear.

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Discover our electric kick scooters

Mobile Future X series

elektrische step mobile future basic-web
Mobile Future Basic
elektrische step mobile future x7
Mobile Future X7
elektrische step mobile future x8
Mobile Future X8
Mobile Future Xmax
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Mobile Future X9
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Mobile Future X10

Our brands

Mobile Future develops its own line of electric scooters. We are working hard on the perfect e-step that is ready for the future and meets all European standards.

Also for well-known brands such as Xiaomi, Ninebot, Speedway, Kaboo and Dualtron you can come to Mobile Future.

We always sell the official European version. No imitations.

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Our Service

Repair and maintenance

All brands

At Mobile Future you can also welcome for maintenance and repair of your electric scooter. Even if it was not purchased from us.

Repairs are always done in consultation with the customer and according to his budget. Contact us for an appointment.

We also sell spare parts and accessories for your electric kick scooter.


Electric scooter repair all brands.


Electric scooter maintenance of all brands.

Elektrische step X8

With Mobile Future, we started selling new and used scooters in 2020. We carry out maintenance and repairs with the aim of knowing better what the weak points are in electric scooters. We can use this knowledge in the development of new scooters.

With Mobile Future, we have tested many electric scooters for you. We have dissected them and continue to analyze them on the following aspects:

  • comfort
  • autonomy
  • loss of power with decreasing battery level
  • the quality of the brakes going downhill
  • climbing a hill
  • the quality of the chassis
  • type of tires
  • folding mechanism
  • the fastening of the screws
  • the touch of the steering wheel
  • the weight
  • battery quality
  • the quality of the LED light
  • Stability of the handlebar with one hand
  • the cruise control aspect
  • esthetics
  • the wiring
  • the bell
  • quality of rear fender & foot brake

And we are doing this with one goal: to create an electric kick scooter that will be appreciated by the entire market! We are convinced that there are still many elements to be perfected over the next few years, and we would like to realize them as we have successfully done in the recent past in another product line.

By touching on this expertise, we are confident that we can best advise you. Feel free to contact us and come test an electric scooter at one of our locations.