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Mobile Future has an electric kick scooter service center. Due to the immense popularity of electric kick scooters, they are offered for sale through various channels. Even the big retail chains offer an electrical kick scooter on their web shops.

However, for service, maintenance and repair of e-steps these chains do not offer a solution. Moreover, in case of defects during the warranty period your scooter has to be sent to the official dealer, and this can take weeks or months…

Mobile Future developed its own line of electric kick scooters. For these scooters we always have all the usual spare parts in stock. So you do not have to wait weeks for service on your electric kickscooter.

Just like a bicycle, an electric kick scooter needs regular maintenance. Tires wear out or are damaged, brakes need to be adjusted or replaced, etc.

Because Mobile Future considers after sales service very important we are happy to offer maintenance and repairs. Also for scooters and brands that have not been purchased from us.

Contact us for a maintenance or repair so we can see if we have the necessary parts for your scooter in stock.

Electric scooter service center Leuven

Sales, maintenance and repair of electric kick scooters

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