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    Who we are

    Expert in electric scooters

    elektrische step reparatie

    At Mobile Future, you can purchase, repair and maintain your electric scooter.

    Mobile Future, founded in 2020, is an expert in electric scooters. You can come to us for the purchase, expert advice, maintenance, repair and tuning of your electric scooter.

    E-steps can sell anyone. After-sales service is often another matter. At Mobile Future, we like to have satisfied customers.

    To give our passion opportunity for success, we already have a service point where you can have your purchased electric scooter serviced or repaired. Whether it was purchased from us or not does not matter. In our workshop we have plenty of accessories and supplies of all popular brands. In our workshop, you can have a tire repaired as well as a controller or all other parts replaced.

    why choose mobile future

    Advantages of our services

    Affordable prices

    Inexpensive maintenance and repairs on e-steps. We determine your budget in advance.

    Original parts

    We use only genuine parts to repair your electric scooter. No cheap fakes.


    All repairs are made with a six-month or one-year warranty.

    Professional service

    Our dedicated, professional and well-trained team provides the best and sincere advice on all your questions.

    Questions? We are here to help!
    Ask your question via Whatsapp, Messenger, phone or mail.