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    Discover Mobile Future’s range of electric scooters. A selection of e-steps with the best value for money. Of these electric scooters, we have all spare parts in stock, ensuring quick repair & maintenance of your e-scooter.

    Be sure to check out our range of electric scooters, folding bikes and fatbikes!

    Mobile Future Basic

    Cheap but very solid and robust entry-level model. Ideal for short distances.

    Mobile Future X8

    Compact and lightweight e-step for daily use. The detachable battery can be charged anywhere.

    Mobile Future Xmax

    Powerful and robust e-step with great autonomy up to 45 km. Ideal for everyday use.

    Mobile Future X8 PLUS

    The e-step X8 plus is equipped with suspension and 10″ wheels with wide pneumatic tires for even more riding comfort.

    The detachable battery can be charged anywhere.

    Mobile Future X9

    Ideal if you regularly need to travel longer distances. The X9 is a comfortable and extra safe e-scooter with two disc brakes.

    The detachable battery can be charged anywhere.

    Mobile Future X10

    Very comfortable e-step with suspension on both wheels and a very wide footplate for absolute riding comfort. Suitable for heavier people up to 150 kg !

    Mobile Future S9+

    The S9 PLUS is the ideal e-scooter for off-road fun. Suitable for any kind of terrain thanks to powerful motors on both wheels.

    Mobile Future S11

    For those who love power and speed. With this e-step you fly forward like a rocket !

    Electric scooter

    As experts in electric scooters, we believe it is important to help people make informed decisions about their choice of transportation. We have the expertise and extensive experience in the field of electric scooters, and we are well aware of the various technical specifications and features.

    You can trust us to give you the best advice and guidance for a safe and efficient ride. After all, safety is a top priority. If you are looking for a sustainable means of transportation, feel free to stop by for no-obligation advice and a test drive with our various models.

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