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    Repair of all brands of e-steps

    You can come to Mobile Future for all repairs on your electric scooter. Even if not purchased from us.

    Electric scooter tire replacement

    A flat tire? We have all common tires in stock. Do you often have a flat tire ? Then a solid tire may be a solution. Feel free to stop by or make an appointment so we can discuss the pros and cons.

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      Electric scooter error message

      Does your e-step give an error message with an error code ? Feel free to stop by or contact us and we can help further.

      Electric scooter battery problem

      Problems with the battery of your electric scooter ? Can’t turn on the scooter, the battery is not charging or the battery is draining fast ? Mobile Future can check your battery and possibly reactivate it.

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        Electronics problems

        You can also contact Mobile Future for problems with the electronics or wiring of your electric scooter.

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          Electric scooter lights

          Problems with the lighting of your electric scooter ? We can solve that.

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            Electric scooter maintenance brakes

            Are the brakes of your electric scooter in need of maintenance ? You can at Mobile Future. Whether it’s disc brakes, drum brakes or hydraulic brakes doesn’t matter. We know our job.

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              Electric scooter chassis damage

              You can also come to us for repairing all kinds of damage to your scooter.

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                Electric scooter anti-leak treatment

                If you often puncture then anti-puncture treatment is a good choice. A special gel in the tires automatically fills the holes so you are less likely to have to replace the tires.

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                  Electric scooter tuning

                  Mobile Future is also a tuning specialist for electric scooters. If you wish to improve the comfort or performance of your e-step, you can do so at Mobile Future.

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